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‘Demon’s Souls’ will feature more character customisation, photo mode

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One filter makes the game look like the 2009 original version

Sony has revealed the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake will feature new character customisation options and a photo mode.

The game, which is expected to launch alongside the PS5, will include some substantial changes compared to the 2009 original, according to a new PlayStation Blog post. One such change is a more robust character creator that will feature “many more customisation options than you’ll remember from the PS3 game […] with up to 16 million permutations”.

The blog highlights some of the builds players can make with “the vast improvement in detail and visual fidelity”. In addition, players can show off their custom Demon’s Souls through its online multiplayer elements. “We hope having far more freedom to craft your avatar […] will translate into memorable encounters, be they fleeting apparitions, cooperative allies or competitive invaders,” the developer said

Along with new character creation options, the game will also come with a photo mode. In the mode players will the goice to turn off weapons or helmets, removing the character entirely to capture a scene, or striking a pose to take a selfie. All the photo mode filters will also be available to use in-game, with one that is said to be “designed to tune brightness, contrast and colour levels to closely resemble those of the original PS3 game.”

New Demon’s Souls footage also emerged recently, showcasing the atmospheric gothic feel of the game, as well as the visual upgrade to the PS5. Additionally, a fan video also compared the original to the remake, emphasising the jump in graphics over a decade later.

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