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Devolver Digital releases 17-minute ‘Shadow Warrior 3’ playthrough

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Watch Lo Wang fight through the full “Way To Motoko” mission

Devolver Digital has unveiled a 17-minute-long playthrough of its upcoming action shooter, Shadow Warrior 3.

The extended gameplay footage captures protagonist Lo Wang as he fights his way through an early-game mission called “Way To Motoko”. The footage features a variety of weapons, ranging from guns to a katana, new moves and a first-look at the grappling hook mechanic.

The playthrough also includes interactions with a new partner as they prepare to take on a dragon, as well as the frantic combat system and much of the silly meta humour that the franchise is known for.

Shadow Warrior 3 was first announced during the Devolver Digital Direct stream earlier this month. Watch the playthrough below.

Shadow Warrior 3 is the third instalment of Devolver Digital’s reboot of the FPS franchise. The original Shadow Warrior was developed by 3D Realms and released in 1997.

Devolver Digital is also set to launch another FPS game, Serious Sam 4, sometime next month on PC and Google Stadia. The game is expected to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but due to an exclusivity deal with the Stadia, those versions will only arrive in 2021.

In other FPS news, Riot Games has announced that it is exploring ways to add a replay system to its new tactical shooter, Valorant. “Whether it’s to study previous matches for tactical advantages or to create spicy memes, we know that players will find a wide range of interesting uses for a system like this,” said senior producer Steven Eldredge.

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