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’Devotion’ devs “won’t stop striving” after game was pulled from GOG store

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“This is a difficult predicament to overcome”

Developer Red Candle Games has issued a statement following GOG’s decision to pull its horror game Devotion from the platform.

In a tweet, the developer announced that, though “regretful”, it was willing to understand and respect the distribution platform’s decision to remove the game. It added: “For the players looking forward to Devotion’s re-release, please accept our most sincere apology. This is a difficult predicament to overcome, but we won’t stop striving.”

Read the full statement below.

Devotion was initially released on February 19, 2019, but was taken down just one week later after a Chinese meme was found in the game that compared the country’s leader Xi Jinping to Winnie The Pooh. Since then, the game has not been on sale.

Yesterday (December 16), Red Candle Games announced that Devotion would be on general sale once more, arriving in the GOG store on December 18. However, within hours of the announcement, GOG cancelled the release, citing “many messages from gamers”. On the other hand, Twitter users noted that prior to the announcement, nobody had publicly messaged or tagged the platform with any complaints regarding Devotion.

GOG is owned by CD Projekt who also own the subsidiary, CD Projekt RED. The company has been under fire following the release of Cyberpunk 2077, which has caused many consoles to crash mid-game, forcing the developer to issue an apology on the matter.

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