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Diplo takes on Twitch streamers in DJ battle on new rhythm game ‘Fuser’

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The Major Lazer producer goes up against challengers live on Twitch ahead of the game’s launch

Ahead of the release of DJ rhythm game Fuser on November 10, Diplo will be putting the game through its paces by challenging competition winners in a DJ battle live on Twitch.

From November 7 at 7pm GMT / 8pm CET, the Grammy-winning producer will take over the Fuser Twitch channel, showing just what crazy mixing skills he can do in-game as he takes on a host of challengers. But whatever the Major Lazer man can do, you’ll have the same tools available to you too.

Fuser is the latest game from Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band and DropMix, that lets you (virtually) become a superstar DJ. You don’t need plastic peripherals or learn how to mix tracks from scratch – you can concoct your very own mixes from over 100 songs in Fuser’s virtual crate, spanning decades and genres from dance to hip-hop to pop.

Each song is broken down into samples that can be freely dropped into four different slots playing just the drums, bass, guitar/piano or vocals. Pulling wildly different songs together, you can create entirely unique and surprising mixes. Ever wondered what the bassline of Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ would sound with Lady Gaga’s vocals in ‘Born This Way’? Or what it would be like to Rickroll Kendrick Lamar?

The concept first came to fore via DropMix, which was released as a ‘board game’ from Hasbro that worked in conjunction with a mobile app and physical cards using NFC technology. While it didn’t quite take off, adapting that idea into a full-fledged video game is the perfectly logical next step.

Whether going through a dedicated solo campaign teaching players how to master the mixes and work their way up across the in-game stages, or freestyling to your heart’s content and sharing your mixes with the community, Fuser feels like a way to bring those festival vibes to your living room at a time many of us can’t even step outside the door.

No doubt you’ll be able to learn a lot from watching Diplo, as well as his many challengers, putting together some unexpected mixes in-game. So don’t miss out on this DJ battle when the show streams live on Fuser’s Twitch channel this Saturday.

Fuser releases on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on November 10. Tune in to Diplo’s stream at

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