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‘Disco Elysium’ website shuts down to tease new project

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Some have speculated it could be a prequel

Disco Elysium’s website has been replaced by a single screen which reads ‘SOON’ and the logo of the stars and antlers.

In Disco Elysium’s world, the symbol represents the game’s Communist party. Because of that, PC Gamer are predicting this is the lead up to a prequel announcement.

The publication also suggested the news could be regarding a translation of the novel The Sacred and Terrible Air, by Robert Kurvitz, the game’s head writer. They also point to the Disco Elysium TV series in the works, but claim announcements on both these projects would be unlikely.

Typically, The Game Awards feature big gaming news, teaser trailers, and reveals. BioWare has already promised some Dragon Age 4 news at the ceremony tomorrow, and the timing of Disco Elysium’s ‘SOON’ banner lines up with Geoff Keighley’s award show tomorrow.

Currently, Disco Elysium is only available on PC, although developers have said that console and Switch ports are in the works.

Rather than a prequel, it could be a port announced soon, but the website currently gives nothing away. The Game Awards air tomorrow night, and will be broadcast with live audio description for the first time.

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