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‘Dishonored’ co-creator is working on a new game with Arkane Studios

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The game is being worked on by the developers of ‘Dishonored’ and ‘Prey’

Dishonored co-creator and creative director Harvey Smith has revealed that he is working on a new game with Arkane Studios.

During an interview with Spanish outlet Vandal, Smith said that he has started working on a new project with “the guys who made Dishonored and Prey”, referencing Arkane Studios’ Austin, Texas offices. The developer also noted that he has moved back to Austin, Texas after a four-year stint at the developer’s Lyon, France location.

He also confirmed that he is not involved in the development of Arkane’s highly anticipated Deathloop, and that his project is “something else”, although further details are scarce at the moment.

Elsewhere in the interview, Smith was asked if Microsoft’s pending acquisition of ZeniMax Media – which owns Arkane Studios – has changed the studio’s feel. “I would say there has been no change at Arkane so far, but if I were to imagine the ideal partner, thinking of all the publishers and the people I know who work for them, it would be very, very difficult to find a better partner for Bethesda than Microsoft. They fit perfectly,” he said.

Microsoft has also promised that it will honour Bethesda’s time-exclusivity deal for Deathloop on the PS5. The tech giant also said it will follow through on other previously announced exclusive deals on non-Microsoft platforms. However, Microsoft will review future Bethesda exclusives on a “case by case basis”, and is likely give preferential releases to Xbox consoles.

In other Arkane Studios news, the studio confirmed in November that Deathloop will be released for PS5 and PC on March 21, 2021. The game will launch on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles a year later.

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