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Then you need to know what game development is first! People of every age get excited when they hear the word ‘games .’ It is a stress bursting factor which relaxes our mind and changes it into a good mood from day work tensions and makes it fly away in the air. From the stone age, iron age and in the present ages games have been created from very long ago .

It’s been a legacy for the world. In those days everyone used to sit together and play chess, business, cards, ludo and even in work or in house it’s a time pass for everyone. Hide and seek, throw ball, running race, color catch, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cricket and many other games have been played by us from olden days.

But nowadays we are playing on our mobile phones in the place where we sit itself .Whenever your boss is overloading you by giving work or you are stressed out by your studies and are depressed due to the issues in your life .That’s a quick getaway from your life.

The board game and cards game which we play in real life are now can be seen in are phones itself isn’t it fascinating? That’s what is called game development ! What is game development? Game development is the process of creating a video, visuals, contents, animations, character and coding and turning it into a full fledged game is called game development.

What do game developers do?

They design video games for PCs and they develop and design a game . They have to do coding, programming, graphic designing and animations by discussing it with the design team and the outcome is the games we play on our phones, Pc and video game players.

They check level designing and the unit designing too. They create a concept, ideas and stories and make it into a visualization story to play. Android game development basics is concerned with creating games for android mobile. They have special designers, technicians, coders, programmers and graphic designers who work in android game development sector. We can play games in every type of phone starting from the lowest to the highest paying phone companies. Pop over to this website is what game development really is! click here to know more about android game development services.

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