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‘Doom Eternal’ gets release date for Xbox Game Pass on PC

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Along with new content inspired by the original 1993 game

Doom Eternal finally has a date for when it will be added to Xbox Game Pass, along with new content for all versions.

Microsoft has revealed that the critically-acclaimed Doom Eternal will be available for Xbox Game Pass subcribers on PC from December 3 onwards. The title was added onto the service for consoles back in October.

See the announcement tweet below:

Alongside its arrival to the service on PC, a new Master Level designed for hardcore players and fans of the original 1993 games has also been launched. In an Xbox Wire post, the company outlined a new Master Level, titled Super Gore Nest.

In Doom Eternal’s new level, players will engage in a challenging combat encounter as numerous difficulties and modes can be undertaken. Anyone who accomplishes the challenges will be rewarded with cosmetic items for their Doom Slayer, including the top tier reward of the Gold Combat Shotgun skin.

A new variation known as the Classic Mode Challenge will also be available thorugh Super Gore Nest. The mode riffs off the iconic 1993 game and places players inside the arena with nothing but a combat shotgun.

As enemies are vanquished and more of the map is uncovered, further guns and mods will be rewarded to build up the player’s arsenal. For those who complete the Super Gore Nest on Classic Mode will be rewarded a Classic Green Slayer skin.

Nintendo Switch owners were recently treated to a first look at Doom Eternal running on the system to promote the upcoming port. The game is set to land on the console next week

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