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‘Dragon Age’ actor Greg Ellis in trouble after Twitter row with former producer

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“Do you imagine your behaviour would cause you to EVER be hired on a Dragon Age game?”

Greg Ellis, the voice actor behind Cullen from Dragon Age, might not be returning following a Twitter argument with former executive producer Mark Darrah.

Darrah, along with Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson, left publishing company BioWare earlier this week, with both labeling it a “difficult decision.” However, as Darrah published the statement on Twitter, Ellis replied that the decision would be “a relief for many.”

He went on to call Darrah “a disloyal, duplicitous corporate fake,” and claimed Darrah had been forced to resign.

Darrah replied that he’s been letting Ellis “slide for a while,” but decided to call him out on ‘Dragon Age Day’. In the community, December 4 is when Dragon Age is celebrated, just as Mass Effect is typically celebrated on November 7, or N7 Day.

Though Ellis’ future, one way or the other, was not confirmed, Darrah asked Ellis if he thought his comments would “cause you to EVER be hired on a Dragon Age game?”.

BioWare has always been a community-centric fanbase, and tends to avoid controversial castings or airing dirty laundry. Though Darrah has left the company, he is thought to still have considerable influence, and this is not the first time Ellis has found negative headlines.

Ellis has long been a controversial figure in the fanbase, having been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, and Charlie Kirk. BioWare games frequently feature diverse characters and queer romances, leading some fans to question.

Darrah hinted to these past problems, suggesting Ellis’ accusation may be an attempt to get the “attention of a different group.” He then again suggested it would harm his chance of future employment with BioWare, “a company that cares about its public appearance.”

When a fan asked if Ellis could get in trouble for using Cullen to promote his personal YouTube channel, Darrah replied simply “yes, he could.”

Meanwhile, Bioware has confirmed that it is working on a new Mass Effect game, which is currently being developed by a “veteran team”.

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