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EA DICE releases final major update for ‘Battlefield V’

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The final update brings new maps, weapons and gadgets

EA DICE has released the final major update for Battlefield V, which adds new maps and gadgets.

EA DICE shared the patch notes via the Battlefield V Reddit page with a breakdown of everything that has been changed. The update introduces two new maps that will work for conquest, breakthrough, team deathmatch and squad conquest

The first map is Al Marj Encampment, which is set in Libya and infantry-only map, where players can expect to be thrust into both close-quarters and ranged combat. The second is a redesigned and expanded version of Provence, which now includes farm land and more areas on the outskirts of town for vehicle combat.

This final patch also adds a slew of new weapons, gadgets and grenades across all four classes. Six never-seen-before vehicles have also been added, five for the U.S. Faction and one for the German Faction. The patch also includes a number of UI and bug fixes.

DICE also noted that it had held off on published promotional material around the update as it recognises that “there are more important conversations taking place in the world today”.

“We’re otherwise encouraging that we all take notice of what’s happening in the United States, as well as other places around the world, and ask how we can all do more, as we must do more,” DICE added. “Racism should not exist in our society. We stand with all of our African-American / Black colleagues and partners, families and friends, and everyone around the world who is ready to see it end.”

EA recently announced a USD$1million contribution “to organizations dedicated to the fight for racial justice in the U.S. and against discrimination around the world.” The company will also double any employee contributions to supported organisations.

In other news, Infinity Ward have taken the decision to postpone the launch of their latest season of Call of Duty this week as they decided “now is not the time” in light of recent events.

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