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EA reveals new studio Full Circle, the developer taking on the next ‘Skate’

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The studio is led by the former head of Xbox Live and staffed by the creators of the original ‘Skate’ games

EA has unveiled Full Circle, the new studio responsible for the upcoming Skate game.

Daniel McCulloch, Microsoft’s former head of Xbox Live, is fronting the Vancouver-based studio. Skate series creators Deran Chung and Cuz Parry will be working alongside him to bring the latest entry to life.

“We’re all about having fun and making great games that people want to play with their friends,” McCulloch said in a press release. “And we’re looking for more developers to help us build compelling worlds for players to explore.”

There are several vacancies at the fledgling studio, as listed on its official page. These range from an Activities Designer to a Gameplay Mechanics Designer. The page also states the team is “working on the next evolution of Skate,” and although this will be the fourth entry in the skateboarding series, the game’s official name has yet to be revealed.

Despite introducing Full Circle to fans awaiting new details on Skate, EA didn’t have any further details to share on the game.

The last Skate game was Skate 3. It hit shelves in 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s been over a decade since EA has offered any updates on the franchise following studio EA Black Box’s closure in 2013.

Previously, Parry said that fans had “commented [the franchise’s return] into existence” during a livestream where he and Chung announced that they were working on a new Skate game. The pair didn’t confirm at that time whether this would be a new numbered entry or a spin-off.

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