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EA Sports outlines next-gen improvements for ‘FIFA 21’

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New features, graphical improvements and faster loading times will be incorporated

FIFA 21 is getting a next-gen upgrade next month – some of the features users can expect have been detailed.

Numerous differences between the current version and next-gen counterpart were outlined in an extensive rundown from EA Sports, giving fans a taste of what to expect when it launches on December 4 for PS5 and both Xbox Series consoles.

New aspects to FIFA 21 include features such as Push-Pull Physics, which reveals “players jostle, push, and pull with more responsiveness than ever before”. Stadiums and pitches will come alive more than ever before with an “atmospheric audio experience, unparalleled in sports video games”.

More than just a simple upgrade, FIFA 21 will use next-gen technology to ramp up the facial and character animations to create a more realistic playing ground, all of which aim to “let [players] feel all the emotion of football at the highest level”.

Check out a short teaser below:

Other new features include the GameCam: a new way of seeing the match play out. Players will be able to see a wider range of the pitch to help prepare their next move and see the reactions from the crowd in the background.

The lighting has also been revamped to create a more natural environment with “acutely detailed pitch surfaces, stadium materials and atmospheric effects to sideline characters like substitutes, stewards, and home and away crowds”.

New pre-game cinematics also aim to create a more immersive FIFA 21 experience with shots of teams arriving via coaches, along with fans entering the stadium and passing the media zone in action. More reactions have been added as well for Big Goal Moments to showcase the intensity of the match.

Other next-gen features include increased load times due to the SSD, as well as shared progression across console generations. The PS5 is also set to receive specific benefits for FIFA 21, including integration with the systems activity card system and – according to Eurogamer – DualSense capabilities through adaptive trigger resistance.

EA have recently been under fire regarding FIFA 21 due to claims of Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment, which reportedly encourages players to purchase loot boxes to obtain better players. A class-action lawsuit has been filed regarding the issue.

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