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‘EA Sports UFC 4’ details its new career mode

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Each player will have a unique, “unscripted” experience

EA Sports has unveiled a new career mode for its upcoming mixed martial arts game UFC 4, and what it entails.

Revealed through a new trailer, UFC 4’s new and improved career mode will ditch the formula of past career modes in favour of a more engaging narrative. The new career mode will feature four pillars: fighter evolution, relationship system, unscripted storyline, and injury system.

Check out the trailer below.

All four systems will play a part in progressing a player’s in-game career, depending on the player’s choices. Players will be able to shape their careers as they deem fit, instead of following a fixed storyline, making it a unique experience.

The new career mode will also see a stronger emphasis on relationships. Players will be able to interact with fans, call out opponents on social media, pick up some moves from sparring partners and shape their reputation, either staying respectable, or turn into a villain in the process.

Instead of past entries’ linear career path, players will get to choose their paths for the first time, through three circuits: the amateur circuit, the World Fighting Alliance (WFC) or Dana White’s Contender Series. Upon building a name for themselves, players will be given the choice to sign with the UFC, or continue ruling the underground circuits.

The game will also see the addition of Coach Davis, the franchise’s first interactive coach, who will serve as a mentor and will guide players along their journey.

Players will have to stay on their toes at all times, as getting too reckless – be it in training or in the cage – could impact their careers. Knocking out a sparring partner could result in a heated rivalry that can either make or break players’ careers, and taking short-notice fights are a high-risk, high-reward scenario, that could either end in a huge payoff, or a career-ending injury.

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