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EA unveils icy trailer for new ‘The Sims 4: Snowy Escape’ expansion pack

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Just in time for winter

EA has shared a trailer for the upcoming The Sims 4 expansion pack, Snowy Escape.

The pack introduces Mt. Komorebi, a new Japanese-inspired residential and holiday location for Simmers. It’ll feature extreme snow sports, including snowboarding and skiing, as well as recreational activities like rock climbing and sledding. Other experiences include visiting an onsen bathhouse and exploring hiking trails and a mountain temple.

To add on to its Japanese-inspired theme, there will also be exclusive build and furniture options, such as Japanese maple trees, shoji doors, tile roofs and tatami mats, to customise the lots. Read about all the pack’s key features here.

Check out the trailer for Snowy Escape below.

Snowy Escape is the tenth expansion pack for The Sims 4, following June’s Eco Lifestyle. Previous packs included Discover University, Island Living, Seasons and more. The Sims 4: Snowy Escape will be available on November 13 for PC, Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Earlier this month, The Sims 4 released a free in-game update in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month in the US. The updated included new food, build items and more inspired by Latin American culture. It also added new clothes and tattoos options in Create-A-Sim that were designed in collaboration with Mexican tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.

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