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EA wants to release racing games annually after acquiring Codemasters

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“The combination of EA Sports and Codemasters can take the game franchise to an even greater level”

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced its intentions to publish at least one racing game a year after its acquisition of Codemasters goes through.

In a presentation that accompanied the release of the company’s Q3 financial results today (February 2), EA noted that the pending US$1.2billion acquisition of Codemasters would make it “a global leader in racing entertainment” and would “enable EA to release new racing experiences annually”.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson shared later reiterated their commitment to purchasing Codemasting, saying that he is “incredibly excited to grow our racing powerhouse with our proposed acquisition of Codemasters,” as transcribed by The Motley Fool.

“These are amazing teams that we know very well, and we are adding significantly to our racing portfolio to drive growth,” Wilson added. “We believe the combination of EA Sports and Codemasters can take the game franchise to an even greater level.” He also noted that EA expects the results of Codemasters’ shareholder vote on the company’s offer to be out by today (February 3).

EA’s potential acquisition of Codemasters would also seemingly make the publisher the go-to company for racing titles. Wilson said that EA’s marketing team would further elevate the Codemasters racing titles, and that its own IP would benefit from the talent that Codemasters has to offer.

Wilson also hinted that EA would use the pending acquisition as an opportunity to incorporate live service elements into Codemasters’ titles: “F1 plus live service plus our marketing muscle is a profound opportunity.”

However, Wilson also acknowledged that its plans to release racing games annually is just a concept EA is toying with at the moment. “On Codemasters, it’s still early – too early for us to kind of be able to outline all of that. Again, the deal hasn’t closed yet,” he said.

EA is home racing franchises such as Need For Speed, Burnout and Real Racing. Codemasters on the other hand, is home to racing games like Dirt, F1, Project Cars and Fast & Furious Crossroads.

EA announced its intentions to acquire Codemasters for US$1.2billion in December last year. Take-Two Interactive had placed an initial bid of close to US$1billion for the acquisition of Codemasters, but later pulled out once EA submitted a higher offer.

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