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EA’s ‘The Sims 4’ and ‘Titanfall 2’ are now on Steam

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Other games added to Steam include ‘Need For Speed Most Wanted’ and ‘Dead Space 3’

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that a new collection of its games have been added to Steam.

The announcement was made when the games went live on Steam shortly before the start of today’s (June 19) EA’s Play Live 2020 showcase. It was later confirmed during the showcase, and announced that all DLC packs will also be available. The newly added games are The Sims 4, Titanfall 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Need For Speed Payback, Dead Space 3 and A Way Out.

The announcement was again confirmed by The Sims 4‘s Twitter account.

The games are all also on sale.

EA kicked off its back catalogue migration to Steam earlier this month with a selection of games including Dragon Age: Inquisition coming to the platform. This follows the arrival of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last November.

Also announced during EA’s Play Live 2020 showcase, was its introduction of cross-play to the upcoming season of Apex Legends. The new season, titled ‘Lost Treasures’, will allow players across PC (on both EA’s Origin system, as well as Valve’s Steam when it arrives in the future), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to play together. Season 5 will launch on June 23.

EA has also announced its Positive Play Charter initiative, which is a new set of community guidelines in an effort to combat racism, sexism, homophobia and harassment of any kind. Action will be taken against those who breach the guidelines, and repeat offenders are at risk of having their accounts permanently terminated by the company.

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