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Eight-year-old ‘Fortnite’ player signed to esports organization, Team 33

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The team say they’ve been working with him since he was six years old

An eight-year-old Fortnite player has been signed to the newly launched esport group, Team 33 as they complete their team roster.

According to sports reporter Darren Rovell on Twitter, Joseph Deen has been signed to Team 33, with whom he has been training since he was six. As part of his contract, he has allegedly received a $5,000 (£3,712.67) gaming setup, and a signing bonus of $33,000 (£24,503.66).

“We are beyond excited to have Joseph on our exclusive Team 33 roster,” Team 33 co-founder Tyler Gallagher told Cision. “We have secretly been scouting talent for our roster and games over the last few years and are proud to officially sign Joseph.”

He added: “We made it a point to train him over the past few years because young gamers are the future, and we want to start training them early.”

Team 33 have sparked controversy with the decision, as the age of their organization, as well as the age of Deen, has been under scrutiny.

The company signed Deen in their Los Angeles facility, after forming officially on November 10. Their website states that they are still looking for applications to expand their international team.

As players need to be 13 to compete in Fortnite’s official tournaments, it is currently unclear how Deen will be able to enter. However, Esports attorney, Ryan Fairchild pointed out on Twitter that there are loopholes that could be used.

Meanwhile, in other Fortnite news, a mysterious unfinished skin appears to have been left behind inside the files for Season Five.

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