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Epic Games finally launches much-delayed new season of ‘Fortnite’

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Welcome to the flooded world of ‘Splashdown’

Epic Games has officially released the Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite, after a slew of delays over the past couple months.

The new season, titled ‘Splashdown’, has brought about a dramatic change for the battle royale game: half the map is now underwater. Epic has also stated that the water will eventually recede to reveal new, or even changed, landmarks.

The update also introduces several new locations. They include a Waterworld-esque village called The Fortilla, the Catty Corner where the Box Factory used to be and The Authority, a menacing structure in place of The Agency.

Check out these locations and more in the Season 3 trailer here.

Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite also adds an apt new skin: Aquaman, as portrayed by Jason Momoa in the 2018 feature film of the same name. The game also features a new enemy, the Marauders, which are equipped with weapons such as a shockwave gun, glider gun and flare gun.

The new season also arrived with a patch that reintroduced weapons such as the hunting rifle, the bolt-action rifle and the compact SMG, according to PC Gamer. The Fortnite Trello account also notes fixes for issues such as hit indicators showing the wrong direction and bugs on the mobile version of the game.

Epic Games previously revealed that Fortnite will be available on both next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, at launch. However, it won’t be a new edition of the game, but instead an optimised version that will “take advantage of the new hardware and features on next-gen consoles”.

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