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Facebook PS5 scalpers defend their actions, saying they “put food on the table”

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They say they have “no regrets”

A scalper group that targeted the PS5 console release have given a statement defending their actions of selling almost 3500 units for profit.

The group, UK-based CrepChiefNotify, had been running Facebook ads to enlist as many people as possible. The ads promised “an instant £100+ profit” for people willing to buy and resell the console, which has already faced difficulties in meeting demand.

In response to anger from consumers who missed out on securing a PS5 before Christmas, the group have released a statement, tagging publications that had reported on the scalping.

In the full statement, CrepChiefnotify clarified they had not used bots, but were ‘prepared’ and ‘had our in house monitors ready’. The company were able to secure 3472 units in total, and are aiming for £350,000 in profit.

Focusing on release day, the group said in their statement: “The day came and members had feasted, 2,472 consoles secured on the day, not with bots as the media is portraying, all manual. Sure we have the advantage with our knowledge and monitors, but that’s just being prepared. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Lots of our community have been furloughed, made redundant, or at some form of disadvantage due to the pandemic. These people have managed to cover their bills, put food on the table and supply Christmas presents to their children. It may be unfortunate that a child won’t wake up to a PS5 this Christmas, but another child may have woken up to nothing.”

They finished the statement by claiming that they “have no regrets”.

Shortages of the console have already caused preorder issues, with some units being delayed until after Christmas. Online marketplaces, like eBay, are already saturated with sellers looking to profit off of the surrounding desperation.

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