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Facebook’s Gaming app has been rejected by Apple

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The app launched on Android back in April

The Facebook Gaming app is unlikely to be available on iOS devices anytime soon as it is seemingly in violation of Apple’s ‘rules’.

According to a report from the New York Times, Apple has rejected the Facebook Gaming app for at least the fifth time. “Since February, Apple has rejected at least five versions of Facebook Gaming, according to three people with knowledge of the companies, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the details are confidential,” the report reads.

“Each time […] Apple cited its rules that prohibit apps with the ‘main purpose’ of distributing casual games,” the report states. The article goes on to claim that Apple does not want its own App Store and Apple Arcade business to be affected. By allowing other companies to offer their own games stores on the iPhone and iPad, Apple would presumably lose a considerable amount of revenue.

“Games are by far the most lucrative category of mobile apps worldwide”, the New York Times stated. “Apple’s App Store, the only officially approved place for iPhone and iPad users to find new games and other programs, generated about $15 billion in revenue last year.”

Facebook Gaming offers gamers a complete gaming platform with a dedicated social network and the ability to live stream gameplays. Furthermore, the platform also offers its own games inside the app, which seems to be the main cause for Apple not approving the app.

The Facebook Gaming App was first released on April 20 on Android. The company has been awaiting Apple’s approval to get it running on the App Store, but it’s now likely that users are going to have a long while before the app gets approved.

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