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‘Fall Guys’ could be getting a “spicy hot fix” next week

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“It’s got lots of the things you’ve been asking us for!”

Mediatonic has announced that a new update for its popular battle royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is tentatively scheduled to arrive next week.

Taking to the official Fall Guys Twitter account, the studio released patch notes of the upcoming changes that can be expected with next week’s potential update. The patch will introduce a number of fan-requested fixes, such as inverted X/Y controls on PS4.

The update also addresses a couple of issues with the level Jump Showdown – namely a rogue camera-pan and an unnamed gameplay exploit – which should ensure that odd-numbered finalists won’t find themselves loaded into a team game that puts one team at a disadvantage.

Other changes include improved UI performance on non-Pro PS4 consoles and improved in-game purchase dialogues to ensure that players are less susceptible to accidentally purchasing items without confirmation prompts.

Check out the patch notes below.

The game’s spectator mode, is also being tweaked so those playing in a party will find their friends at the front of the queue, rather than having to sort through dozens of players to find their friends.

A release date for the “spicy hot fix” has not yet been announced, but the developer hopes that it will be ready within the next week.

In other Fall Guys news, an update for the game was released last week, which removes the possibility of getting two team games back-to-back. The Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble modes have both also received reduced playtimes of 90 seconds.

Fall Guys was released on August 4 for PC and PS4. NME’s Alan Wen called the game “a casual and chaotically original take on battle royal [that is] as hilarious as it is maddening,” in a glowing four-star review.

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