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‘Fall Guys’ is getting a giant hammer to “shake things up”

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Big Yeetus will be generated at random

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout developers Mediatonic has announced a new feature that will “shake things up” in the hit battle royale game.

Mediatonic took to Twitter to announce the introduction of a giant hammer named Big Yeetus, with the intention of shaking things up. Per the developer’s tweet, Big Yeetus is said to be “Chaotic Neutral”, and can be a friend or foe, depending on the player’s luck.

Big Yeetus will be capable of sending players flying to their doom, or possibly closer to the finish line. The new feature will also be randomly generated into levels, meaning players will have no way of telling when – or where – the giant hammer will turn up.

Check out Mediatonic’s tweet below, which is accompanied by a gif of Big Yeetus in action.

It is currently unclear when Big Yeetus will begin appearing in the game, but when it does, it will be just one of a number of changes that Mediatonic will implement in the game to keep it fresh and challenging as in-game seasons progress.

Since its launch in August, Fall Guys has shattered a number of records, quickly becoming the most downloaded PlayStation Plus title of all time, and garnering over 7million players on Steam alone within the span of a month of its release.

The game also recently raised US$1million in charity for the Special Effect organisation. The developers held an auction that would see brands compete for the highest donation bids, with the winner walking away with a custom Fall Guys skin.

In a surprise move, popular streamers Ninja and MrBeast teamed up with Aim Lab and G2 Esports for the winning bid, donating US$1million to the charity. The four donors will now receive custom skins in the game, etching their names in Fall Guys history.

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