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‘Fall Guys’ Season 2.5 introduces brand new round and ‘Lil Yeety’

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Previous rounds have also been given new variations

Mediatonic has launched a mid-season update for Fall Guys, mixing up the medieval theme with all new features.

In an effort to add a refresh to the current season, Fall Guys has introduced a new round known as Big Fans, various remixed versions of pre-existing rounds, and the Big Yeetus’ previously teased younger sibling, Lil Yeety.

Big Fans will use the concept of the See Saw map, replacing the obstacles with constantly rotating fans. A blog post stated that the fans have an “officially unsafe bean per blade ratio”. Rotating obstacles to avoid whilst jumping from fan to fan also await players who attempt to speed run to the finish line.

Classic rounds will also be getting a new lease of life with a variety of wild changes. Levels could see new implementations such as spiky rollers being added to the fray or a change in fruit being fired at the players.

The Lil Yeety hammer will also make in appearance in various rounds and is said to pop up “in the wildest of places, bringing chaos at every turn.”

Check out the update trailer below:

Outside of the new features, an array of community inspired tweaks and fixes have been made. Issues involving players unfairly falling through the map on Hex-A-Gone have been fixed, a glitch involving players holding the crown in Fall Mountain without a victory has been rectified, jump inputs have been tweaked, and players can now select their server region. The full patch notes can be viewed here.

Season Two launched last month (October) and introduced a medieval theme to Fall Guys. Brand new rounds, costumes, and obstacles were added for players to tackle. New ways to personalise players’ characters were also implemented.

Sonic The Hedgehog was also added to the game as a costume within the store rotation, joining other themed outfits such as The Messenger and Half-Life.

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