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‘Fall Guys’: take a look at the first of three ‘Doom Eternal’ skins

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Tyrant, Doomguy and Cacodemon skins are on the way

Mediatonic has released a preview of an upcoming Doom Eternal skin for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

The developer first teased the Doom Eternal tie-in on Twitter, where it also announced a livestream of the skin’s reveal. However, the stream was later be postponed due to technical difficulties, with the developer instead sharing the first of three Doom Eternal skins to make up for it.

The first Doom Eternal skin is based on the Tyrant, complete with horns, a cybernetic laser arm and mechanical legs. The silhouette of the two remaining Doom-themed skins were also teased, one appears to be the iconic Doomguy while the other seems to be based on the Cacodemon.

A release date for the skins has not been announced, although they are expected to be available for purchase via the in-game store. Check out the teaser below.

Last year, Mediatonic revealed custom skins for Ninja, MrBeast, AimLab and G2 Esports. The four entities had previously won a charity fundraiser with their combined US$1million bid, which was donated to U.K.–based orgnisation Special Effect. All four skins are now available for one crown per piece of clothing.

The ongoing season of Fall Guys also introduced over 30 holiday-themed skins, including Santa Claus, snowmen, Krampus, a dancer from The Nutcracker, penguins and more. Seven brand-new levels were also added to the game.

Doom Eternal, and its first DLC – The Ancient Gods Part I – are now available on all last- and current-gen platforms. The game, as well as a new Master Level for all platforms, was also added to Xbox Game Pass on PC and Nintendo Switch in December.

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