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‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ first patch introduces new mode and fixes

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Players can expect to dive into a new level titled Jump Showdown

Mediatonic have announced the first patch for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout which comes with a brand new mode and multiple fixes.

The patch was originally intended to be released today (August 12) for PC and PS4, however last-minute tweaks have caused it to be pushed back to August 13. The patch will come with a host of new features, most notable is the new level, Jump Showdown, which was originally in the beta and will now be incorporated into the full game.

Jump Showdown places the players on a circular platform with rotating obstacles designed to push you off. By jumping over and ducking under hurdles, players will navigate though and avoid falling platforms underneath them.

Alongside this is an array of patches which aim to improve the performance and general flow of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Notable inclusions are improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors, and fixing the crown not being able to be grabbed in the final round.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released last week (August 4) and sold over 2 million copies being sold on Steam alone. The game was also a part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus games for August, allowing members to download the game for free.

Over its initial week of launch, the game was plagued with many server issues preventing players from being able to jump into the game. Due to this, many players took to Steam to review-bomb the game with negative reviews.

This sparked the community of fans to counter the reviews with positive feedback and ultimately managed to push the game back into positive reception.

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