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Fan creates ‘Labo Fit Adventure Kart’, a peripheral that blends ‘Ring Fit’ and ‘Mario Kart’

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“I worked tirelessly for 6 months on this. I mean no harm”

A Nintendo fan has created a custom set of peripherals for his Nintendo Switch, which blends together elements of Ring Fit, Nintendo Labo, Mario Kart and more.

Mike Choi has spent six months creating his custom peripherals, which he calls ‘Labo Fit Adventure Kart’ in an effort to get fit. The custom kit is mainly designed to work with Mario Kart, but also works with a handful of other titles such as Smash Brothers.

In a Nintendo Direct style video that Choi has created, he says that the set is designed to exercise every pat of the body “the legs, the arms, the core, and most important, the mind.” Choi’s “direct” is featured below:

Choi has implemented a “Bike-Con” device that needs to be pedalled to keep the kart powered in Mario Kart, whilst steering and item usage is handled by the Ring Fit Adventure’s Ring-Con accessory, through squeezing a gyro controls respectively.

To achieve all of this Choi has designed a unique accessory called the the “TAPBO” which features small motorised arms that can press the buttons on the Joy0 Con. The “Bike-Con” wirelessly interacts with the “TAPBO” sending a signal to the push the acceleration button when pedalling reaches a certain speed.

Alongside the technical accomplishment with the peripherals, Choi also created a mascot for TAPBO, which he 3D printed alongside the other elements of the kit.

In the description of the video Choi states that the Labo Fit Adventure Kart is ” not an official Nintendo product, nor is it for sale” and also that “no Nintendo software or hardware has been modded in this video”, before asking that Nintendo do not take down his video, and said “I worked tirelessly for 6 months on this. I mean no harm”

In other Nintendo news, the long rumoured Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes are rumoured to have an upcoming reveal this February, whilst IO interactive confirm that a cloud streaming version of Hitman 3 will be coming to the Switch next week along with its release on other consoles.

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