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Fans are remaking ‘The Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth‘ in Unreal Engine 4

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Just under twenty minutes of footage for the project have been released

The Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth is a cult-classic real time strategy game and now fans are attempting to recreate the game in Unreal Engine 4.

Originally teased back in 2018, little has been heard about the project since, however a substantial update has surfaced and showcases just under 20 minutes of gameplay.

The fan-made remake is being dubbed as Battle For Middle Earth: Reforged and is a recreation of the licensed games that Electronic Arts (EA) released in the early 2000s. Since then the license has been stuck in limbo since it reverted back to Warner Bros. and has made obtaining a copy of the game tricky.

Battle For Middle Earth: Reforged works to modernise the classic game and bring its assets up to date using Unreal Engine 4 to produce updated graphics. The gameplay gives a glimpse of creating units and facilities, before managing entire armies across the battlefield.

Check out the full gameplay below:

The team behind the project will also be adding new elements to Battle For Middle Earth: Reforged. An official website is live which provides further details about the game. Alongside updating the character models and supporting a new game engine, the aim is to also add new units, buildings and campaigns to embark on.

A beta release is expected in the future, however no specific date has been mentioned. The team has said that it expects “the development speed to skyrocket after the upcoming release of the beta-version.”

Halo Infinite has recently been subject to numerous fan remakes following its gameplay reveal last month (July).

One fan remade the level inside the PS4 creation game, Dreams, and featured all the recognisable elements from the gameplay demo. Elsewhere, another creator envisioned the game as a Nintendo 64 port, including all the trademarks of the era such as low quality textures and sound effects.

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