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Fans aren’t sold on ‘Apex Legends’ Season 7 Battle Pass

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Discussion over the patched Battle Pass is conflicted

Respawn Entertainment have recently rolled back changes they have implemented with the Season 7 Battle Pass for Apex Legends, halving the XP requirement for Stars, and making weekly challenges easier to complete.

This comes after a sustained level of criticism levelled at the Battle Pass over Twitter and Reddit which had accused Respawn of inflating XP and time investment requirements to increase the time and money players have to spend on the game to level up the pass.

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Game Director Chad Grenier explained in a Q&A post on the Apex Legends Reddit that the players had been complaining that they were ”completing the battle pass about 2/3 through the season and then not having much left do to in the season”

As a result the Battle Pass took longer to complete, and was tempting players to buy levels. Players on Reddit predicted that Respawn would rollback changes on the pass, suggesting that it was part of a negotiation tactic to get players to accept overall raised XP costs.

The developers are refuting this, and saying that they are open to making more changes in the future, with Grenier claiming he was misquoted in a Dexerto article about the rollback.

An update thread on Reddit an hour ago is full of continued complaints about the battle pass, such as how steep some of the challenges appear to be for the reward they offer.

There is also plenty of discussion about various audio glitches that are plaguing the game since Season 7 launched, and a slew of comments about various nerfs and buffs that are perennial discussion points.

The overall sentiment is that players want Season 6’s battle pass back. It’s no surprise that Respawn are trying something different this season, but it remains to be seen if they will make any further changes to the system over the next few weeks.

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