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Fans find possible ‘GTA 6’ clue in Rockstar’s latest video

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Could this mystery be solved?

Fans seem to have pieced together a mystery that may be linked to GTA 6, finding coordinates to a winding road in Virginia that resembles roman numerals.

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The latest GTA Online update was announced with a quick teaser video from Rockstar, who didn’t give too much away. At the bottom of the video, however, were some coordinates, which fans of the series entered into Google Maps in the hopes of finding an easter egg.

The coordinates led them to Middle Mountain Trail, a winding road in Virginia, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Interestingly, the road takes the shape of the roman numeral for 6 – VI.

GTA fans quickly began to speculate that this may be some kind of hint, something to highlight a possible release, perhaps. Many seem convinced of the road’s significance, and have pointed out that Rockstar are unlikely to have chosen this winding path at random.

Over on Reddit, some have suggested this may mean GTA 6 will be set in Virginia, or at least that an announcement is in the works.

After seven years of waiting, fans may simply be becoming impatient, however. It is possible that Rockstar – knowing their fanbase – are just messing with us, and that this teaser is nothing more than a joke to keep us on our toes.

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