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Fans have discovered that ‘Pokémon Klefki’ is available in multiple regions

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The Steel and Fairy type crosses multiple borders

Players on Reddit have discovered that the French region exclusive ‘Pokémon Klefki’ is in fact available in other regions too, thanks to the way Pokémon Go‘s zones work.

Kalos Pokémon have started appearing in Pokémon Go, letting players get their hands on Generation VI Pokémon in the wild. As part of the Kalos Celebration event, players in France were able to catch Klefki, but players have discovered that the Pokémon is also available beyond French borders.

Reddit users on r/TheSilphRoad, a go-to resource for Pokémon Go fans, have come together to analyse Niantic’s data and discovered that Klefki can be captured along the South Coast of England, amongst other places.

This is due to the way that Pokémon Go breaks up regions of the world into large square blocks, which means that overlap between regions is possible. The block that covers France also extends a fair way into the North Sea, and as such covers the coast of England

The Silph Road users have also discovered that Klefki is also available in Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as other countries, with users posting confirmation when they have caught Klefki in various countries.

The Kalos Celebration Event is currently running until 10pm local time on December 8, and is the first chance to get their hands on exclusive Kalos region Pokémon, before they start appearing in the wild.

Pokémon Go fans will also be able to get their hands on a Shiny Celebi thanks to a crossover event with Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, which fan favourite characters Jessie and James.

Long term fans of the series who enjoy seeing cross generational Pokémon events have something to look forward to next year, as reported leaks suggest that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl could be getting remakes 2021.

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