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‘FIFA 21’: Substitution glitch freezes and crashes FUT Champs matches

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Substitutions immediately after a goal cause the game’s most popular mode to crash

FUT Champs, one of FIFA 21’s most popular game modes, is currently being affected by a game breaking glitch.

The bug occurs if a substitution occurs immediately after a goal has been scored, causing the game to freeze, kick you out, and record the match as a loss, as SportBible reports.

FUT Champs is part of the online mode FIFA Ultimate Team, where players assemble a dream team using premium cards. Ultimate Team is by far the most played mode on FIFA, and players are frustrated by this huge bug on such a popular mode.

FUT Champs involves playing 30 games over a single weekend, where more wins means more rewards. Because the number of games are finite, this is arguably the worst mode to be affected by this glitch.

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FIFA YouTuber Vizeh says he has been affected by the glitch on three consecutive weekends. After examining why, he discovered the freezes were all linked to substitutions after goals.

WARNING If you’re playing FUT Champs and you or your opponent scores a goal, if you instantly make a sub to your team, it will likely freeze on the FUT Champs transition and will give you the loss, even if you are winning,” he tweeted.

A number of players and content creators confirmed they had been hit with the glitch too, in FUT Draft mode as well as FUT Champs.

EA has yet to comment on this glitch or announce a patch for it. Fans will be hoping it is fixed ahead of FIFA’s next gen arrival on December 4.

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