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‘Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles’ Remastered Edition arrives this August

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It will feature “enhanced visuals, memorable voiceovers [and] cross-platform play”

Video game developer and publisher Square Enix has announced that its highly anticipated remaster of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will be released on August 27.

The new launch date was revealed on the official Final Fantasy Twitter account alongside a new trailer. The tweet notes that the remaster will feature “enhanced visuals, memorable voiceovers [and] cross-platform play”.

Check out the tweet below.

The upcoming remaster will be released on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS and Android, although release dates for the latter two are subject to change, as noted by the company. The game will also support online multiplayer cross-play across all of its available platforms.

Apart from the revamped visuals, voiceovers and cross-play, the remaster also introduces fresh items, challenging new dungeons and bosses. Players will explore a “stunning fantasy world and make new memories” while taking a trip down memory lane with up to four friends to take down fearsome foes.

Additionally, the remaster will introduce a brand-new ‘Mimic’ feature which will allow players to take the form of various characters they meet on their journey. By collecting stamps and visiting “Moogle Houses”, or completing difficult dungeons, players will acquire unique crystals which will allow them to change their appearance to that of their favourite characters within the game and continue their adventure in style.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition was first announced in 2018 and scheduled for release in January 2020, but has since experienced multiple delays. The original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was first released in 2003 exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube.

In other Square Enix news, the company recently announced that it will be hosting an online event in June to showcase new gameplay and co-op from its upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. The event is currently scheduled for June 24.

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