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‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ developers want to surprise players with sequel

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“We want to create a new game that lives up to their exceptions but also throws them off”

Final Fantasy VII Remake co-director Naoki Hamaguchi and producer Yoshinori Kitase have teased “surprises” in the game’s upcoming sequel.

During a recent interview at The Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDC), as translated by Twitter user Aitaikimochi, Hamaguchi and Kitase said that the team is aiming to subvert players’ expectations for Final Fantasy VII Remake part two, although in a way they would enjoy.

“For those who played Part 1, they already have an idea of what kind of game we are making. We want to create a new game that lives up to their exceptions but also throws them off, in a good way though,” said Kitase.

Check out his response below.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hamuguchi also confirmed that the sequel will take place outside of Midgar, which Final Fanasty VII Remake was completely set in. “When creating FF7R, we decided to have the entire game take place in Midgar, and we created a realistic world within Midgar,” he said. “In Part 2, we want to take that type of detail and allow users to experience how they experienced Midgar in the remake, but with the rest of the word.”

Kitase and Hamaguchi also spoke of the game’s “action battle” system, teasing “new surprises to the battle system” but did not share any particular details. They also noted that there are new staff members working on the sequel who did not take part in the creation of Part 1.

The first Final Fantasy VII Remake released to critical acclaim, including a glowing four-and-a-half-star review from NME‘s Jordan Oloman, who praised the developers for their bold new narrative decisions, instead of making the game a simple adaptation.

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