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‘Final Fantasy XIV’ free trial to include the ‘Heavensward’ expansion

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The level cap has also been increased to 60

Square Enix has announced that it will be expanding the free trial for its popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV starting in August.

It was revealed during the latest FFXIV Letter From The Producer livestream that, starting from August 11 for PC and PS4, the game’s free trial will be expanded to included the entire base game as well as its first DLC pack, Heavensward.

Besides the new content, players will also get to play until level 60, from the current level cap of 35. By raising the cap, players will now be able to access higher level job quests, raids, as well as three more classes: Dark Knight tank, Astrologian healer and Machinist ranged DPS.

Free trial users will also be able to make Au’ra characters, a race that previously needed to be unlocked by purchasing the Heavensward expansion. All players who have the paid version of the base game will also get a free upgrade to include the Heavensward expansion.

While the base game and Heavensward will essentially be free-to-play, there will be some restrictions on features that can accessed. Players will not be able to use the market board or join a free company (aka guild) under the free trial. To access the full feature set, players will need to subscribe to Final Fantasy XIV.

The launch of the extended free trial will coincide with the arrival of patch 5.3. The patch, titled Reflections In Crystal, was initially scheduled for release on June 16, but was later delayed due to setbacks caused by the novel coronavirus.

In other Final Fantasy news, it has been confirmed that the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake has entered full production, and the team behind it is hoping to release it as soon as possible. A release date has not been announced.

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