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Firaxis announces new Frontier Pass for ‘Civilization VI’

However, it also has no plans for a third expansion

Firaxis has revealed the Frontier Pass for Civilization VI, the first time a title in the long-running 4X series has introduced a season pass system.

The Frontier Pass will be a year-long project for the developer, consisting of six new DLCs released bimonthly starting from May 21. Once complete, the season pass will add eight new civilisations, nine leaders and six fresh game modes to the title for USD$40.

First up is the Maya and Gran Colombia pack, which will add the two titular civilisations to the game, alongside the Apocalypse game mode that has more destructive natural disasters. Other features include brand-new city-states, resources and natural wonders.

The second update, the Ethiopia Pack, arrives in July with one new civilisation, alongside a Secret Societies game mode. The DLC will also add a new district, as well as fresh infrastructures. Content for the remaining four packs have yet to be revealed.

The Frontier Pass is available across all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) and will not require Civilization VI expansion packs Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall to work. However, specific game modes and leaders cannot be played without one or both expansions, according to the official Civilization website.

The packs will also be available to purchase individually, ranging from USD$5 to $9. However, Frontier Pass subscribers will receive the exclusive Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine de Medici Persona packs, which provides new models and backgrounds for the aforementioned leaders, as well as new abilities and agendas.

Alongside the Frontier Pass’ announcement, Civilization VI lead designer Anton Strenger also told PCGamesN that they “at this time… don’t have any plans to build a third expansion.”

“We felt strongly that having delivered two expansions since launch, the current state of Civilization VI’s gameplay systems, depth and balance are in a great position and that an additional expansion could add complexity to the core experience that we feel would tip the balance and overcomplicate the game,” he added.

Last month, indie game studio Mohawk Games, co-founded by Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civilization IV, revealed a new historical 4X strategy game called Old World. Unlike the expansive Civilization series, Old World focuses more on real history, mainly the classical era with empires like Rome, Egypt and Carthage.

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