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First major ‘Doom Eternal’ update will introduce Empowered Demons

Changes are also being made to Battlemode and the single-player campaign

id Software, the developer of first-person shooter video game Doom Eternal, has previewed the game’s upcoming first major update. While a release date for Update 1 has not been revealed, the developers have unveiled a slew of changes for all platforms that will add “a host of optimizations, new event content, bug fixes and more”.

One big addition in the update is Empowered Demons, a feature that will spawn demons “when a player is killed in the single-player campaign”. These demons will jump from one player’s game to another, growing stronger with every player they kill. Taking out an Empowered Demon will reward the avenging player with extra ammo, health and bonus XP.

Empowered Demons are different from another teased feature coming post-launch: Invasions. Doom Eternal’s Invasions mechanic will supposedly let a player invade someone else’s game as a demon to ruin their host’s day, according to a VG247 report. id Software hasn’t announced a release date for Invasions, nor was it mentioned for Update 1.

Other Update 1 changes include enhancements to the game’s online multiplayer Battlemode. It will include new anti-cheat and network tweaks, a death report screen, plus the return of Echelon Leveling (from 2016’s Doom) for players who have reached the level cap.

The game’s single-player campaign will also enjoy a few changes, such as more detailed demon tutorials, dashing vertically in water and adjusting toxic damage while swimming. No official release date for the update has yet to be revealed. Check out the full list of changes at publisher Bethesda’s official website.

The game has also begun teasing a campaign-focused DLC, posting two environment screenshots on Twitter. A release date for the DLC has not been announced yet. Doom Eternal was released on March 20 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Google Stadia.

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