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Have you ever thought that there might be a game that will teach you a few lessons and give you a really entertaining time? Flappy Bird is one of those games. This very simple and challenging game has caught the attention of the world because of the simplicity of the game, but also because the game’s goals are very difficult. The flappy bird clone goal is very clear.

Designers of AIS Technolabs are stacked with inventive thoughts and having a particular engine to make your own best flappy bird clone.

You have to get points by passing your bird through obstacles. To overcome 10 obstacles you will receive Bronze, 20 for Silver and 40 for Gold. There are also special platinum medals that can be won by many experienced players. However, it must be acknowledged that once you become addicted to this flappy bird clone game, you release everything else to try to beat the game. Moreover, this is just the first lesson this game teaches you: perseverance.

Flappy Bird is also a very difficult game. So, if you play repeatedly, your time management skills will be greatly enhanced. It takes a lot of skill and wisdom to place birds correctly so they can adjust their height according to holes in pipes, like water and obstacles that appear at different heights. They also need to have very strong reflexes because obstacles get faster and the distance between them increases as the game progresses. In fact, the game starts only after the first ten obstacles are solved to become faster. The flappy bird clone Bird game has dramatically improved your ability to concentrate. This game is very intense so the player is really interested in the game. In addition, if the attention lasts even a second, the bird falls into obstacles. As the game progresses, the stakes increase. Every time you overcome more than half the obstacles you encountered for the last time, you feel you can exceed the previous record. This is a painful scenario: your bird flies faster and faster, and obstacles rotate above your target to beat your best score or your friends. If you can defeat him, there is no more interesting feeling? In addition, if you can’t defeat it, you can wake up, wake up and start over again. Therefore, this game not only teaches you to be afraid of the obstacles you face in life, but also to get up any time and start anew.

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