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‘Football Manager 20’ has recorded 60,000 years of playtime

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Across Steam and Epic alone, fans logged almost half a billion hours

Football Manager 20 users have notched up a staggering 60,000 years of gameplay in the twelve months since its release. The impressive stat comes courtesy of game director Miles Jacobson, who has been revealing the game’s key figures ahead of Football Manager 21’s launch next week.

As Jacobson revealed on Twitter, the 60,000 years (59,320 years to be exact) of game-time on Steam and Epic also equates to a massive half a billion hours, which was just one of the biggest milestones in a year of huge achievements for the game.

Across all formats, roughly five million people played FM20, and it became the first in the series to sell 2.5m across all formats. On mobile formats, it became the first Football Manager title to sell 1m units.

While Jacobson didn’t divulge the exact reason for the game’s success, it’s thought that the absence of actual football during the Covid-19 pandemic may have been an integral factor. At the very start of lockdown, the game broke a new user record – with almost 90,000 active players at the same time.

Aside from the records, Football Manager 20 had previously found headlines by dedicating its in-game advertising to different charities during the pandemic. In total, it housed 100 million charity adverts. Jacobson pointed specifically to the success of the game’s War Child UK campaign, which raised over £100,000.

In a final message of thanks to fans, Jacobson wrote: “Thank you all so much for your continued support. Let’s be frank – it’s been a sh*t year, but we’re grateful that so many of you decided to escape into our alternative universe to help get through it. We hope to be able to give you many more years of escape, starting with #FM21!”

Football Manager 2021 arrives on November 10.

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