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‘Fortnite’ could be returning to iOS via Nvidia streaming service

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It was removed earlier this year following a dispute between the two companies

Fortnite could be returning to iOS devices through Nvidia’s cloud gaming service.

The game was pulled from the store back in August following a legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games. At the time, Epic introduced its own direct payment method, bypassing Apple’s store entirely, resulting in the tech giant removing the game from its store front entirely.

According to a report by the BBC, GeForce Now expected to be announced for iOS before the holidays. Currently, it is available PC, Mac and Android and Chromebook devices, and runs through Safari instead of being a standalone application, which Apple does not restrict.

Fortnite is one of the many games available through the service, so it is possible that iOS users will once again be able to play the popular battle royale. However, a Nvidia spokesperson told the BBC: “Fortnite is not confirmed for GeForce Now on platforms beyond PC, Mac and Android.”

The dispute between Apple and Epic Games has carried on over the past few months, with Epic filling legal action against the company. Microsoft pledged support in favour of Epic Games, whilst Apple called the entire lawsuit a “marketing campaign” for Fortnite.

However, both recently found common ground when a joint statement was filed that decided the on-going case should be “tried by the Court, and not by a jury”.

Apple have also blocked Google Stadia and Microsoft’s streaming service from operating on iOS devices, as a statement to Business Insider declared that all games and applications must be approved by the company before appearing on its store.

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