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‘Fortnite’ has received an unlikely new dance emote

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The popular dance has been added out of the blue

Fortnite is getting a new emote, in the form of the dance from 2012’s overwhelmingly popular ‘Gangnam Style’, by Korean artist Psy.

The emote was teased via Fortnite Korea’s Twitter account which posted the video on January 28. The North American account retweeted the video shortly after.

The video has no music, presumably for copyright reasons, but the iconic dance is instantly recognisable despite this.

The emote has since been added to the store as an Icon Series emote and costs 500 Vbucks to purchase. As it’s a traversal emote, you can use it to move around, fitting to the dance form the original music video.

‘Gangnam Style’ was released back in 2012, and it’s taken its time to come to Fortnite. The Youtube video for music video was the most popular music video on the platfrom for five years running.

In 2017, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth‘s ‘See You Again’ from Furious 7 soundtrack finally toppled the song from its long held number one spot.

Fortnite is home to lots of famous dances, and has been the source of some controversy in the past as dance creators have claimed that the game has used their dances with without permission.

In 2019, Alfonso Ribeiro took out a lawsuit against Epic for using his famous dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, before eventually dropping it.

Fortnite has also got Terminator 2 themed skins in a recent update. Sarah Connor and T-800 are the latest hunters to join the popular battle royal game, following the launch of the Predator, another Arnold Schwarzenegger-related character, earlier this week.

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