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‘Fortnite’ introduces ‘The Mandalorian’ limited time mode

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A new location called Kit’s Cantina has also been added to the island

A new limited time mode has launched in Fortnite featuring Star Wars character The Mandalorian.

The new ‘Mando’s Bounty’ mode lets players test themselves against the iconic bounty hunter either solo, or with a team.

Players will complete to earn galactic credits by eliminating targets that will be selected for them by their bounty puck.

The first player or team to reach the credit goal will win the match, but whilst players are at the top of the leaderboard The Mandalorian will hunt them down, requiring players to battle both the bounty hunter and other players to succeed.

Players who compete in the limited time mode can earn a special Beskar Umbrella featuring the Mudhorn signet from the Mandalorian series, if they are able to earn a Victory Royale.

As well as this mode, a new location called Kit’s Cantina has also been added to the island, taking inspiration from the show.

Mando’s Bounty Event is available to play now, and will remain in the game until February 9, 2pm GMT (9am EST).

In other recent Fortnite news, G.I. Joe character Snake Eyes will be joining the battle royale in a new ‘Zero Point’ version which will also be receiving a physical release as a toy in collaboration with Hasbro.

Other recent updates to Fortnite include the addition of 2012’s popular ‘Gangnam Style’ dance Emote, a Sarah Connor Terminator skin, and a Battle Pass exclusive Predator skin. The game also collaborated with Pele to kick off a new cup contest, allowing players to win a real signed football shirt.

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