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‘Fortnite’ Nexus War is “just the start” of Marvel storyline

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“This is not the end, this is the beginning,” says Epic Games’ Donald Mustard

Fortnite’s current collaboration with Marvel is reportedly just the beginning of the two franchises’ planned integration over the coming years, according to an Epic Games exec.

The news was revealed by Epic Games‘ worldwide creative director Donald Mustard during his appearance on the This Week In Marvel podcast, where he stated that Marvel and Epic Games have “many, many years” of content planned for the future.

“The reason we called this season Nexus War is that this is just the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years of Marvel integration,” Mustard said. “This is not the end, this is the beginning.”

Listen to the episode below.

Mustard then added that Epic games had started teasing Nexus War well before its launch, through collaborations with the Marvel characters Deadpool and Captain America. He also stated that the event had been in the works since before the blackhole event late last year.

“That’s the moment that attracted Galactus. [He] felt this re-organising of reality and was like ‘Huh, there’s this energy source at the centre of everything and if I can consume that, I can consume not just the Marvel reality but I can consume everything.’”

He also noted that the overarching story arc for Fortnite is driven by the island as the main character. “[We’ve] planned it that way. Like, I have the story and the narrative structure planned out for many, many, many years. And we’re only three years in to an arc we have way planned out – like, the big beats of how that’ll work.”

It is currently unclear what the next phase of Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel will include. Nexus War is currently scheduled to wrap up at the end of November, although a specific end date has not been announced yet.

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