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‘Fortnite’ players will soon be unable to log in with Apple IDs

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Epic Games tells players to update their emails

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite users will no longer be able to log in with their Apple IDs from this Friday (September 11) onwards.

The developer announced the change, which seems to be another consequence of its current legal battle with Apple, through a help page on its website. Epic Games is advising players to update their emails and passwords in order to maintain access to their accounts.

“Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Epic Games accounts using ‘Sign In with Apple’ as soon as September 11, 2020,” the developer wrote. “If you have previously used ‘Sign In with Apple’, please update your Epic Games account email address and password immediately so that you can still log in.”

However, the developer also noted that players who are unable to make the updates prior to the change can still manually recover their accounts. It requires players to reach out to Epic Games through this help page, along with an access code that will be sent to their email address.

Earlier this week, Apple filed a countersuit against Epic Games, in response to the Fortnite developer’s latest injunction to restore the battle royale game on the App Store. In the documents, the tech giant called Epic Games’ lawsuit “nothing more than a basic disagreement over money”, and noted that the developer has reportedly earned more than US$600million through the App.

The legal battle between Epic Games and Apple first kicked off in early August, when Epic Games filed legal action against Apple after the company pulled Fortnite from its App Store. The dispute is over Epic Games’ introduction of the “Epic direct payment”, which allows players to purchase Fortnite’s in-game currency directly from the developer, bypassing Apple’s App Store.

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