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Fortnite removes powerful weapon from competitive playlist

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Developers removed the unique weapon based on player feedback

Fortnite‘s developers confirmed the removal of the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle during the early hours of this morning on Twitter. No specific details were provided, but the team thanked fans for their feedback.

It’s speculated that the decision behind the removal lies in the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle’s special ability. The rifle allows players to track the storm during a game, potentially giving those who find the weapon an unfair advantage.

The storm shows the playable area of the game, and those caught outside of that area can take damage and lose. The community took issue with players preemptively knowing where the safe spots were going to be, which is the potential reasoning behind its removal from competitive playlists.

Reddit’s Fortnite Competitive Community reacted positively to the news, with many Redditors praising the removal of the gun.

Reddit user SandiwchesFN wrote: ‘Good to see, hopefully clinger gets vaulted too. I was actually quite surprised because like what op said I thought they were pushing the whole exotics thing into comp. I’m happy they are taking steps to make comp more balanced, pretty excited for fncs.”

Reddit user Fedolicious also wants to see Fortnite remove the exotic Boom Sniper Rifle, an exotic weapon which fires a projectile that clings to other players. “It’s actually quite surprising to me that they vaulted it,” they wrote. “I had assumed that epic reaaally wanted exotics to be in comp, due to the multiple gold buffs, but i guess not.

Maybe we could get the clinger heavy snipe vaulted next.”

Several Reddit users echoed this opinion, with many individuals requesting that Fortnite consider the Boom Sniper Rifle as the next weapon they’d like to see disabled in competition.

Twitch Streamer Ninja announced his departure from the game earlier this week, due to repeated “stream sniping” incidents.

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