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‘Fortnite’ update adds in-game video chat for groups

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A unique cosmetic is available for those who make use of the feature

A new Fortnite update will allow players to use in-game video chat while playing the game.

The update, which goes live today (November 18), will allow Fortnite players to use the Houseparty app to video chat while playing the popular battle royale. The feature will only be available on PC, PS4 and PS5 for the time being, and players will have to use an iOS or Android device with the Houseparty app installed.

A new Fortnite blog post has outlined all the details for the new feature, stating that owners will have to link their Houseparty and Epic Games accounts to get started. Once set up, the device will operate as a camera and add a bar on the side of the playing screen of your team’s faces.

The stream will be strictly limited to the group’s “room”, and a variety of blocking features and parental controls will also be widely available.

Anyone who makes use of the new feature can also obtain the Rainbow Fog Wrap for free. However, Epic Games has recognised that not everyone will make use of the app and have offered other means to obtain the unique cosmetic. Between November 20-26, anyone who plays five matches with friends will also receive the wrap.

Fortnite could also be returning to iOS devices through unique means. Nvidia’s streaming service is said to be coming to Apple devices in the near future, with Fortnite being one of the many games available. The inclusion could mean that iOS users can stream the game onto their device through the service.

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