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‘Fortnite’ update introduces Stark Industries and new powers

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The Nexus War continues in ‘Fortnite’ with a new location, powers and enemies

As Fortnite continues its Marvel-themed Nexus War season, a new update has dropped that includes a brand new location, enemies and powers.

Patch v14.10 for Fortnite is available to download today (September 11), and the main inclusion is the replacement of Frenzy Farm with Iron Man’s very own Stark Industries. The location joins the roster of many comic book locations which have been added over the last few weeks and is said to be filled with loot. Iron Man himself even makes an appearances in the form of a boss with powerful loot drops.

As with previous updates, multiple new hero powers have been added. Players can fire a targeted attack with Thor’s Mjolnir Strike, and players can fire energy blasts with Iron Man’s Repulsor or fly into the sky. These can be found as random loot drops around the map.

These powers can be used against the new enemy types that can be found roaming the island. Galactus now has his own enemy Drones entering the fray. As Gatherer Drones, their main aim is to gather and collect loot. Kill them and they’ll turn into a weapon that needs to be picked up quickly before they explode.

Finally, a new limited-time mode known as Marvel Knockout is being added to Fortnite and will be a unique take on ‘Operation: Knockout’. The mode sees opposing teams facing off against each other using a variety of superpowers to be the last one standing.

Check out the trailer for the new Fortnite update below:

The Marvel updates started late last month (August) and introduced many heroes from the universe. Along with the heroes, many new skins and power-ups can now be utilised during the season’s duration.

Nintendo fans will also be receiving a Fortnite-themed Switch console later this year. Equipped with yellow and blue Joy-Cons, both the system and dock will be decorated in a variety of Fortnite artwork, giving it a unique visual style.

In related Epic Games news, the company has recently been at odds with Apple over selling Fortnite’s in-game currency from its own store rather than Apple’s. Since then a legal battle has begun with the two companies which is still on-going.

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