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‘Fortnite’ will see crossover with Marvel superhero Thor in next season

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Previous superhero crossover events have included Thanos and Batman

Fortnite is set to have another crossover with Marvel, as Epic Games teases Thor’s arrival into the battle royale.

Chapter 2, Season 4 of the game is set to kick off on August 27, and a Twitter announcement from Fortnite has revealed the new season will incorporate Marvel hero Thor in some capacity.

While details are light at present, the tease has the Fortnite logo branded with Thor’s comicbook persona. The Marvel logo is also presented, suggesting numerous other characters from the universe could also be joining.

Check out the tweet below:

A Fortnite news account on Twitter called HYPEX that’s known for sourcing upcoming news about the game discovered Thor’s arrival through an anonymous source earlier this week (August 19).

Since the collaboration has been confirmed, HYPEX has shared further information, such as a Wolverine skin being included with the season and how comic book pages will be laid across the map to be collected.

The Marvel collaboration isn’t the first time Fortnite has ventured into superhero territory. Notorious villain Thanos was added to the game as a limited time event back when Avengers: Infinity War hit cinemas, and a Batman crossover turned a section of the map into a re-skinned version of Gotham City.

Before the new season hits, Epic Games will host a #FreeFortnite event this weekend (August 23) in response to the ongoing dispute between the company and Apple.

Throughout the limited time event, players will have the opportunity to win numerous prizes, including a physical cap that mocks the Apple brand. The event is said to be a celebration of Fortnite being able to be played across all platforms before the game is unable to be update on Apple devices when the new season arrives.

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