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Future ‘GTA Online’ updates will cater more to solo players

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“We’re going to inject more of that single-player element in there”

Grand Theft Auto Online gamers who prefer to play the game solo might soon get more content, according to its developer Rockstar Games.

During an interview with GQ, the game’s design director Scott Butchard stated that giving players a choice to play the game solo is “something that’s been on our minds for quite some time”. The remark follows the release of GTA Online’s latest update, the Cayo Perico Heist, which was designed to be played either solo or co-op.

“It’s something we’re keen to carry forward,” he added. “We want to respect teams and players who want to play co-op. But at the same time still allow solo players to still get just as valid an experience out of it. There’s perks to both.”

Butchard also noted that the game’s future updates will likely feature more content for solo players. “I think you can see that with Online and I think going forward we’re going to inject more of that single-player element in there,” he said.

The Cayo Perico Heist was released on December 15 and was described by the developer as “the largest and most ambitious Grand Theft Auto Online adventure to date”. The update also featured the addition of a new virtual underground club called The Music Locker, which will host performances from real-life DJs.

In other GTA Online news, a new leak suggests that content from Rockstar Games’ 2003 stealth horror title Manhunt will be added to the game at some point in the future. The datamined assets include a Manhunt-themed arcade cabinet, alongside trophy and a gun connected to the game.

Earlier this month, Tyler, the Creator confirmed that he voices several random characters in Grand Theft Auto V. Fans of the game had taken to Twitter to share videos of the artist and his one-liners, seven years after the game’s release.

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