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GameStop Reddit investor asked to testify before Congress

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Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev is also expected to join the hearing

Reddit investor Keith “DeepFuckingValue” Gill has been asked to testify before Congress as part of the GameStop stock saga.

As PC Gamer reports, US Representative Maxine Waters, who is also the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, wants a meeting with key players involved in the recent GameStop stock market saga, including Gill and Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev. The has said that the hearing is going to be “educational [and] a learning experience for everybody,” in an interview with Cheddar.

“We understand what’s being said about Robinhood and why it did what it did in terms of limiting the buying,” Waters continued. “We understand that the hedge funds have lost a lot of money. We understand that the shorting is a big issue, and a big conversation. But what a lot of people didn’t know about is the short squeeze, and so we’re going to learn an awful lot.”

Despite Waters’ request, Gill has not been confirmed to appear before Congress just yet. Waters confirmed to Cheddar that Gill is “on [her] list to be present”, but “they have not confirmed all of my list yet”. She has also requested that a GameStop representative be present for the meeting.

Gill is said yo be part of a group of Redditors from r/WallStreetBets who badned together to raise the price of GameStop’s shares. This was supposedly a concerted effort to ruin plans for hedge funds like Melvin Capital Management, that were short-selling the retail chain’s stock. Read NME‘s explainer on the GameStop saga here.

On Monday (February 1), Deadline reported that a Hollywood film depicting the recent GameStop saga is reportedly in the works.

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