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‘Gears 5’ update aims to completely relaunch multiplayer

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As well as new enhancements for the Xbox Series consoles

The latest Gears 5 update aims to completely relaunch the multiplayer mode with its biggest content drop to date.

Operation 5: Hollow Storm is the latest post-launch update and aims to bring players back to the chaos of Gears Of War 2 and Gears Of War 3. Included are seven new characters, five maps, 13 achievements and one returning weapon – the Scorcher. Multiple quality of life improvements have also been made, as well as full optimisation on the Xbox Series consoles at 120fps.

Among the new maps are two completely new arenas. Nexus will have players fighting alongside rivers of Imulsion, whilst Regency is said to take place above the clouds. Three classic maps from the original trilogy also return: Gridlock, Clocktower and River.

Players can now dive into these matches with seven new characters, including Dizzy Wallin and the deadly Skorge from Gears Of War 2. Both Horde and Escape have been revamped to allow full customisation with characters and classes, allowing each to be paired in any way – including characters previously unavailable in both modes. The Armored Gabe skin is also available for players who have completed the tutorial for Gears Tactics.

Check out Gears 5’s Operation 5: Hollow Storm trailer below:

Outside of new content, the multiplayer has been fully optimised for the next-gen systems with 120fps support and 4K Ultra HD on Xbox Series X version via a downloadable pack.

A variety of quality of life improvements which aim to fine tune the experience have also been introduced. A slew of ranked versus updates have been made, balance updates for decoupled classes, new heroic cosmetic rewards for dedicated players, new challenges and all-new achievements to welcome in the new update. Read all about the new update here.

The launch of the Xbox Series consoles also saw a complete revamp for the game’s campaign, including the ability to replace fan favourite character Marcus Fenix with Guardians Of The Galaxy star Dave Bautista.

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